Saturday, 21 March 2009

Neocide: Death of the New?

My French isn't up to much but I'd say this is an aerosol that can wipe out the modern world! Huzzah! I just need to find a stockist.*
From Modes et Travaux, August 1955.

*No, I don't mean that, just in case any crazed Evola disciples were thinking of recruiting me.


Nanjundorkkiniyan said...

I'm not sure if "néo" is a French word. The French for "new" is "nouveau/nouvel".

The Sophisticate's Diary said...

I realise that but as neo comes from the Greek neos, meaning new, my comment stands as a hilarious declaration of my hatred of most things 21st century.

Nanjundorkkiniyan said...

I understand and share it. :-)