Friday, 27 March 2009


Titter magazine, February 1955.

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The Horny Time Traveler said...

Ah, the great Peter Driben...thirty years ago in Manhattan, I went to an exhibit of his originals for Titter, Beauty Parade, Flirt, et al, at a well-known bookstore's upstairs gallery...pinups were not yet again "in vogue" and the gallery was empty...they didn't even print a catalogue, as I recall...apparently very few people came to the exhibit...this is when pinups were regarded by feminists as "degrading"...and the pieces, if I recall correctly, were going for $750 each. I was young and broke and couldn't afford even a fraction of that...alas! But I got a few of the original mags, and that's joy enough...I remember the first time I saw them in a dusty used bookstore. They were $3 a piece and I asked the clerk, "What are these?" "Silk stocking magazines," he called them. My true introduction to the wonderful world of vintage erotica and glamour.