Wednesday, 13 April 2011

'Real' Sherman Tank

I can only imagine the crimson faces of hundreds of  tearful children, filled with disappointment and rage, just waiting for the glorious day when they'd show their cheap parents what a real tank looked like ploughing through their lounge.
From Play, March 1959.


Angry Old Man said...

I had a similar issue back in the 70's when my cousin and I purchased a box of soldiers advertised on the back of a comic book. Upon receiving it the 100's of soldiers/tanks/planes/boats etc turned out to be plastic one sided things that looked like markers from a game board!!

Amanda said...

I can just see millions of poor kids getting some crappy thing, when they thought they would get a massive tank. Probably traunatized an entire generation :)

John Cummings said...

My dad actually bought this for me in the 1960s. It was all printed cardboard that assembled via tabs if I recall correctly. The barrel of the gun was of course just a cardboard tube that you had to shove the projectiles from. We never finished putting it together that evening we drug it home from the post office. He packed it back up and got his money refunded. We also bought the fishing set on year, a bunch of low end tackle and poles that we did keep but I lived in my father's fear that I would snag a fish hook in my lip.