Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Tax Inspector

From Blighty, September 18th 1954.


wanilianna said...

hilarious cartoon. I wish there were such a secretaries nowadays. Unfortunatly, pantyhose are more pupular, which makes me sad.

losfeld said...

Hi here,
First sorry for my poor english. I just wanted to say thanx for sharing nice ORIGINAL vintage scans. You have good taste.
For my own blog (99% of own scans too), i collect pictures about secretaries for a future post and wanted to ask if you could use this one (crediting you of course).
I had you to my links (not meaning you have to do the same at all). Saludos from Paris.

WDI said...

Certainly. That is a very nice blog you have there.

losfeld said...

thanks twice !

losfeld said...

Hi ! Here is the link to my post dedicated to the office ladies (some of your pics inside). Thanks a lot !