Sunday, 6 November 2011

Image Ruination

As Blogger seems to be insisting on this dreadful new picture viewer, you now have to click the image in the post and then click 'show original' in the bottom left of your screen and then, if the image is larger than screen size, click again for the full size.

Well done Blogger. See why people go to Tumblr?


False alarm, kids! I have been kindly advised by BrittReid how to rectify the problem (see comments).


BrittReid said...

Go to the "Settings" panel in Blogger.
Scroll down to "Showcase Images with LightBox"
Change the setting from "Yes" to "No".

(I went "WTF!!!" the first time I saw the change in image displays, too!)

BrittReid said...

Left out...go to "Settings", then "Formatting", then change the "Showcase Images with Lightbox" from "Yes" to "No".

My bad!

WDI said...

Many thanks!

Lee said...

This problem has been bugging me for a while - especially as I scan my printed columns, features etc to use them to get work. Suddenly the scans were unreadable. Back to normal now. Thank you for the tip BrittReid.

Will check out this blog while I'm here. Looks interesting.