Sunday, 10 June 2012

Boot Fetish 1939

Reader's letter from Gay Book magazine, February 1939


Eduo Gutierrez de O. said...

Funny that the letter to the magazine is from 1939, as it actually reminisces to the high boots (like the one from the picture) from before the war. That would be around the 1920's.

The boots from the picture would not only not look out of place in a store window nowadays, but actually looke pretty modern.

WDI said...

He would, presumably, be talking about the end of the Edwardian era preceeding the First World War.

Victorian and Edwardian style boots did seem to be very popular, at least on the fetish side of things, continually until well into the '50s if my magazines are anything to go by.

Donna Lethal said...

We very much enjoy gay books.